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Tree Removal by Crane or Traditional High Climbing

Hazardous trees may pose a danger to your property, and even your safety. Unhealthy trees and overhanging limbs are just a couple of the concerns we help home owners address. Not only do we use a pulley system to rope down trees so that we control the entire process in a safe and professional manner, we also have a crane to assist with the more difficult-to-reach areas.
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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trimming and pruning promotes healthy growth and has the potential to increase property value. We encourage preventative maintenance and will gladly advise during the initial property visit. We integrate spike-less climbing during limb trimming in order to maintain the structural integrity and health of the tree. Proper pruning is done with the knowledge of how certain trees respond to each type of cut. Improper pruning can cause damage to the tree that is irreparable, and in many cases will shorten the life of the tree. A tree’s life can also be at risk when using a “topping” method. This form of pruning can be detrimental to the health of most trees. For more information on pruning, click here.
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Lot Clearing

We offer lot clearing and view enhancing services for various types of situations. We have the necessary equipment and manpower to clear large areas for new construction, property additions, and other special projects. The rolling hills of East Tennessee offer many spectacular views. Unfortunately, these views can sometimes be blocked by large trees or overgrown limbs. We provide tree services in Knoxville that will enhance view points and increase your property value.

Emergency or Storm Damage Cleanup

Storms in East Tennessee can have damaging effects on your property. When a heavy storm rolls through, your trees can pose a threat to your home and land. Branches, debris, and even whole trees can be scattered throughout your yard or onto structures in no time. In most of these cases it is important to act quickly so that no further damage occurs. With our skill and expertise at ETTS, we have what it takes to help restore your property back to normal. When disaster strikes, trust the professionals at East TN Tree Service. We are available 24/7 to handle your tree emergency situation.

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Chipper Service

We provide a chipper service during tree removal to help properly dispose of the tree after its removed. Once we preform a trim or an extraction, we load the wood sections into a chipper and grind it up into smaller wooden chips. This makes it easier to transport the tree remnants from your property. In some cases, tree sections can be too large to be chipped up. When these situations occur,

we haul the sections off with a log truck.

Stump Grinding and Removal

In conjunction with a tree removal, we can also grind the remaining stump in order to restore the surface of your land. If you have unsightly stumps that have been left behind, we provide services to remove them. While stump removal is not necessary, it is a fast way to erase remnants of the tree and keep your lawn looking polished. Remaining stumps can be ground 4-6 inches below ground level leaving the area ready to be filled in with sod. Once the area is covered, your lawn will look smooth again in no time!