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Tree Removal in Knoxville TN

While trees are both beneficial to the environment and aesthetically pleasing, sometimes they must be removed from your property. As trees age, many factors can contribute to their state of health. These factors include environmental stress, diseases, insect infestations, and many other variables that can lead to a weak tree structure. Hazardous trees may pose a danger to your property, and even your safety. Unhealthy trees and overgrown limbs are just a couple of concerns that we help property owners address. Some trees may need removal to reduce competition between plants for nutrients and sunlight. Many times, trees are located too close to offices, homes, utility lines, and other structures so removal is necessary to decrease safety concerns. ETTS has a professionally trained staff to help manage your trees, determine when removal is the best option, and remove a tree safely.
Crane Based Tree Removal

When access allows, we utilize a crane to assist with large trees in the more hard-to-reach areas. Crane use provides a method of removal that can be safer and more efficient than manual tree removal. The crane is also a minimal to zero impact tree removal process that can protect your yard from potential damages. During crane based removal, tree sections are secured to the crane with rigging straps. The sections are then cut and lowered safely to a designated area on the ground. Once grounded, the section is either fed into a wood chipper, or loaded onto a log truck. ETTS has a certified and experienced crane operator that is very skilled in preforming crane-based tree extractions of all sizes.

High Climbing and Manual Tree Removal

In some cases, trees require traditional high climbing/ manual removal in order to take them down efficiently. Our skilled climbers and grounds-men use regulated pulley systems to lower down limbs and base structures. These techniques are controlled and carefully monitored to ensure the entire process is completed safely and professionally. We practice low impact removal methods and utilize protective mats to allow minimal disturbance to your property.

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